As off Friday 29th April, schools have transitioned to what the WA Government has termed “baseline settings.”  These setting focus on getting schools and society back to normal.  This welcome news means that schools can now invite parents back in for assemblies, meetings and other special events.  It also means that we can go ahead with carnivals and interschool events. Probably the biggest change and one that must be noted by parents is that schools are no longer required to conduct contract tracing or notify parents of positive COVID-19 cases in the school.  Understandably, this may cause some concern for parents so for the time being I will keep updating the COVID-19 tracker found below. 

Baseline Settings – Advice for Parents and Caregivers

COVID-19 Parent Register
Please use the above link to register your child as +COVID-19 within the CEWA community. This information will be sent directly to the principal.

Health WA Positive RAT Register
Those who receive a positive COVID-19 RAT result are also required to register this information via the WA Health link above.

WA Health information on free RATs